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Satkar as name states HONOURED is home of the most authentic North and South Indian fine dining experience. From creamy Punjabi curries to spicy South Indian sambars, every state’s culture seems to be represented here. So save yourself from culinary boredom and curry-related redundancy by reading up on the best Indian restaurants that Tampa has to offer.

At Satkar you’ll find a good niche to sample a taste of the rich history and culture of India. A mere subcontinental sampling of dishes like various platters, delicious Kababs, biryani,Dosa both Veg and Non Vegetarian reveals a startling swing from rich hearty foods to lighter,flavorful tropical fare. Our Master Chefs assume enormous pride in cultivating carious aromatic and indigenous exotic recipes.


The most loved Indian Restaurant in Tampa is here with more better and improved experience to make your day happier.