Hygiene Food

Hygiene Food

We have been able to carve a niche in Indian fine dining largely through mouth references.

Special Offers

Special Offers

Our prices are attractive, as we depend on our patrons to do most of our marketing.


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Satkar as name states HONOURED is home of the most authentic North and South Indian fine dining experience. From creamy Punjabi curries to spicy South Indian sambars, every state’s culture seems to be represented here. So save yourself from culinary boredom and curry-related redundancy by reading up on the best Indian restaurants that Tampa has to offer.


Overview of SATKAR

Blessed with the oldest culture in civilization and surrounded by famous historical temples, monuments, treasured art and architecture the area attracts tourist and luminaries worldwide. Diversity of the surrounding vicinity affords land rich and fertile and ideally suitable for farming. Rice is a staple of the diet and there is a constant supply of fresh fruit, vegetables and meat incorporated into the local cuisine that forms the basis of countless dishes mildly spiced and less subtle. A mere sub continental sampling of dishes reveals a startling swing from rich hearty foods to lighter, flavorful tropical fare. Local chefs assume enormous pride in cultivating various aromatic and indigenous exotic recipes.

With over two decades in business in Tampa, Satkar Indian cuisine remains one of the best establishments to enjoy healthy traditional Indian dishes. Our menu is designed by specialty cooks with years of experience. Our kitchen equipped with a traditional clay oven for the preparation of Indian breads, all our dishes are hygienically prepared using only natural ingredients. Adding more choice to our exotic menu, we also serve a variety of Indo-Chinese dishes as well. Paying a visit to us today culminates in our ambition to prepare authentic Indian Veg and Non-vegetarian Food for you that we cooked in our cherished homeland. You may be assured that we market, prepare and serve only the finest, fresh-quality ingredients and aromatic foods available from our trustworthy local suppliers. We also undertake catering orders for special events or functions. With our distinct aromas, flavors and our impeccable service readily discern our grateful staff is most eager to accommodate you.

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